Alan's Schickard Calculator Page

My home built Schickard Calculator:

As with most of my projects, it was a sudden and ill thought through decision to do it and rather than study or plan first what I intend to do I just jump in and make a start, so this is not historically correct etc. but is loosly based on information kindly provided by Jens Puhle HERE and adapted to be easy/cheap for me to build using materials easily available (mostly MDF) and using my home made CNC router.

I first learned of the existence of the Schickard Calculator on 10th November and on 29th I had finished building my own which has to be some kind of record? ;-)

latest image of progress

the adder unit

See a video of a gear being cut on my CNC router
A replica which was built in 1957
My collection of mechanical calculators

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