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After seeing a cloud chamber on t.v. I decided I would have a try at making one, as I wanted to see this for myself

What is a cloud chamber: Wikipedia  -  ScienceInSchool

How to make a cloud chamber: www.lns.cornell.edu - Without-dry-ice 

Impressive large cloud chamber: YouTubeVideo

What happens if you put some dry ice into a cup of warm water - YouTubeVideo

What happens if you put a big lump of dry ice in a bowl of warm water + washing up liquid - YouTubeVideo

If you would like to know more about physics I really recommend these video lectures by Richard Muller - PhysicsForFuturePresidents

My cloud chamber:

My setup

My setup

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about making one of these, The only difficulty is finding a supplier of cheap dry ice.
You just set it up as in the picture, soak the pad with alcohal put some dry ice under the tank, wait 10 mins and then watch in amazement :-)

Try the classic 2 slit experiment for your self - see HERE

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